Currently we provide SIM cards working with AT&T or T-Mobile networks. 

Benefits of using HINO SIM Card

  • Business grade SIM card with high priority data access.
  • Pre-install and activate before shipping, this will make the configuration process much easier.
  • Optional static public IP address (In this way you can add IP cameras to a NVR remotely, and you can access camera’s WEB GUI for advanced settings remotely).
  • Pooled Plan (All of your SIM cards will be in a pooled plan, it means the unused data quota in one line can be used in other lines/devices).
  • Weekly report and trigger based notification.

Choose your data plan

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About Pooled Plan

It means that all of your SIM cards are in the same pool, and the pooled data capacity is the sum of all individual SIM cards. You will not be charged data overage if only the pooled capacity is not exceeded. For example, you have 10 SIM cards with 2GB/month each, then the pooled capacity is 10x2GB=20GB. You will not be charged for some SIM cards use more than 2TB data, if only the sum of these 10 SIM cards does not exceed 20GB/month. Please note that the pooled plan is only valid for the same SIM card capacity plan, it means the 2GB plan pool can not be shared with 10GB plan pool.

No Data roll over to Next month

The unused data in this month will not be rolled over to the next month.

Benefits of using a static IP Address

  • With static public IP address, IP cameras can then be added to a NVR for centralized storage, as most NVRs only add cameras via its static IP address.
  • Users can then access camera's WEB GUI for advanced settings.
  • VPN remote access is possible.
Remotely Viewing Time

Cellular data is consumed when the camera is remotedly accessed by a mobile App, or PC based VMS application. Remotely viewing time is calculated based on one camera with 2MP resolution@10fps. Actual viewing time maybe different. Please make sure to disconnect remote viewing when no one is remotley watching video. Many overage problem occurs when someone forgets to disconnect mobile App of PC based VMS software.

Overage Charge

Overage means the data usage that exceeds the monthly data plan. For example, for a 2GB/month plan, any data usage over 2GB in a month will be charged overage expense. As the overage charge is much more expensive than regular data plan, please make sure to select a approriate plan. If you are not sure which plan to use, we recommend you to use big data plan at the begining. You can choose to downgrade plan if the camera does not consume so much data.

Switch Plan

Yes, you can switch the Plan you want. Please contact us to switch to new plan at least one month in advance. The new plan will take into effect in the next month.

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